Commissioning a Sculpture

Nick Helme is always happy to recieve commissions for his work as a sculptor. Once you have settled on what you specifically want Nick to create for you the next step in to consult with him on precise specifications, possible delivery dates and pricing.

To begin the process of commissioning a sculpture please contact Nick Helme :

The Studio, Wainfield
Old Pike Road, Peterstow
Herefordshire HR9 6LJ

Can call him on : 01989 730 663

Email :


Most of Nick Helme's recent ouput as a sculptor as been in the form of large bronzes. He takes his inspiration from birds, dogs and other familiar mammals.

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Small Bronzes

Nick has also been inspired to create numerous series of small bronzes. These often take the form of various soft fruits and small birds and animals.

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Other Sculptures

In addition to the main body of Nick's work in bronze he has also worked over the the years with other materials including resin, wood and ceramic.

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Nick has exhibited his unique work all around the UK and it is appreciated in private collections in France, Australia, California and the UK...

...Wonderful to see such a glorious studio with equally glorious exhibits..."

thumb Nicolas Lowden
Forest Mill, Gloucestershire

...Beautiful space, superb work and nice selection/diversity..."

thumb Jeanette Covington
Marden, Herefordshire